Monday, August 31, 2009

what the f$#? - Site malfunction?

playing on my alternate site, UB, on my kid's computer, since mine is dead. Not ideal - I don't have my HUD or any of my other tools. I'm playing at low stakes, since my bankroll on this site is low.

I get JJ in early position.

With blinds at 150, the bet box says 300 by default. I slide the little slider up to 450, then click bet. It somehow bets 300 instead of 450 - a minraise. I get two callers - one a donkey in the big blind, with 56o. He flops two pair and knocks me out.

There ain't no f-in way I'm minraising with JJ. What the hell?

An update: I signed on to a play money tourney afterward, just to see if I could recreate the problem. No dice in that area, but I did get 3 outed on the river to have my full house over-boated while heads up. So it appears that the doomswitch can find me even when I'm not playing for real money.

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