Sunday, September 20, 2009

3 bet preflop, shove flop play - one more time

Ok, one more note on my 3-bet preflop, shove flop discussion. All of my winning percentages were done in a vacuum, for a single hand.

In the perfect world, of course, if we could choose the action - the idea would be to run this 3-bet/shove flop play 2 or three times in a night, and then run it one more time with pocket aces, and hope our villain has a hand with which he is ready to play for all his chips. That's one of the big goals of the LAG, after all, is to chip and chip away with aggression and then, right when someone over-commits with top pair, he buries them with a big hand.

So winning 1.8 BB/Hand, while impressive, is only part of the goal of this aggressive style of play.

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