Thursday, September 24, 2009

plans change, but poker must be played.

Live poker CANCELED tonight. Not enough guys. That is, of course, until after we canceled and the host took some free baseball tickets, then two guys who didn't RSVP emailed late and said they could play. Uh, guys, that's why we have an RSVP email on Tuesday.

Had to play online. Won a $20 9 man (hooray), and then squeaked into the money in a $10 45 -man. Played tight early, then hit a nice little run of cards and doubled up a couple times (including a QQ holding up vs. AK). Thought I was dead late, though, when I shoved into smaller stacks with K9s, and the small blind thought and thought, then finally called with pocket 4s. When he flopped quads, I just laughed my butt off. I was crippled with 10 players left. (6 get paid). Very touch and go on the bubble, I had like 5 blinds and no cards, and lots of action all around me. Thank goodness someone overplayed top pair and got knocked out in front of me.

Had a good shot to double up on my last hand, though I only had 2.5 BB left - I shoved with A7. The big blind and huge stack (correctly) called me with T7s, and flushed out on the river. Got it in good, got unlucky.

2.5 hours to win $11. Yet another example of how I could earn more money passing out carts at Wal-Mart than I do playing poker, and I would avoid the hassle of seeing people flop quads after making bad bubble calls on me. I shouldn't bitch, though - I'm having a small-sample-size-but-profitable month, and I feel like I'm playing well.

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