Friday, September 18, 2009

punished in the worst way

tired tonight, but too early for bed (the kids take over the room until 10:30 or so, watching TV).

I hop on a $10 18-man, but I'm not really feeling it. My concentration is low and I'm surfing around as I play.

So I hit the wrong button and CALL instead of fold. Oops. What hath I wrought? I have limped into the pot, under the gun, with 2-4 offsuit. My blogging friend would be raising here with his favorite hand, and to each his own, but this is like the 12th hand of the tourney, and I'm thinking I've made a mistake here. Oh well, no biggie - I'll either fold to a preflop raiser behind me, or see the inevitable A-K-J flop and fold instantly. Net loss of one blind.

We do in fact get to see a flop - 3-5-6.

Woohoo!. I've flopped the nuts. Remind me to salute the poker grump after I triple up here.

I check. Someone leads out, and a guy behind him calls. My notes say neither of them are great players, and I've already lost some chips, so a shove seems in order. I shove it in, and they both (!) call.

I'm facing top set - pocket sixes, and 7-8.

I'm ahead, but only barely. Pokerstove says it's 38% for me, 35% for the set, and 26% for the open-ended straight draw. I've got to dodge bullets like Neo in The Matrix to see my way to the end of this one...

Turn is an ace. I'm now 59.5% to win the hand....

River, another ace. Sigh. Mr. pocket sixes boats up.

Remind me to punch the poker grump after I close my poker software down for the night...

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