Wednesday, October 28, 2009

location, location, location

Just like real estate, most of your winnings in cash game poker come from location - or table selection.

I played on two capped NL tables this afternoon. In the first, 4 of the 6 players at the table were very tight for a 6-max table. Stats like 15/11. I was able to steal blinds, but not much else. I got stuck in a few tricky situations, and never hit the monster hand, so I ended up stuck $10 after 100 hands.

In the second, I found a looser table. Guys with stats like 44/2. As I've mentioned before, limping almost half of the hands in a capped no-limit game is playing incorrectly. There are no implied odds to play 67s - you will not make up enough money when you hit two pair+ to make up for the times you have to fold when you flop one pair or nothing. It's a losing proposition.

Since poker is a zero-sum game, when you can find a table where money is flowing away form people, you just need to sit down and make enough correct plays so that it flows toward you. It has to flow somewhere.

In 37 hands, I had made up the $10. Oh, and I was playing at half the stakes on the second table as I was on the first.

update: I stayed on that same table for 2 hours. Total profit, $38.77 in 193 hands. And I met some nice new friends that I want to play with again.

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The cash bug has bitten!