Monday, October 26, 2009

vacation starts today...

...with one 18 man tourney and some cash games. I was cold-decked in the tourney, shoved queens into aces. Okay-then.

Playing the capped no-limit tables on Full-Tilt- there seem to be LOTS of bad players there who don't get how the cap affects play, and some aggro donkeys who minraise over 50% of the pots and then can't fold bottom pair. Good times. I played 261 hands over 4 tables and was a modest winner on all 4 - despite getting my top set of kings cracked by a flush draw - that one hurt.

That was my day session, will play some more tonight.


bastinptc said...

If you can manage, the cash games are softest at around 7 pm and 3 am your time.

Memphis MOJO said...

Here's wishing you a happy vacation.