Monday, November 9, 2009

Losing the Drama in Cash Game world

No online tourneys for quite awhile. I considered playing in a big Sunday affair last night but got a few other things done instead.

I've been plugging away at the 6-max, .10/.25 capped cash games instead. Fairly boring poker, really - hit top pair and go to the wall. Sample hand:

Button raises to $1.10 (4.5 BB).
I shove with AK. (capped game, the shove is $7.50).
He calls with KJs.
I win $7.50. (if i avoid the 3 outer).

Don't get tricky. Don't slowplay anything. Don't 3 bet light with connectors (you could argue not to play connectors at all b/c of the cap). Don't defend your blind with ace-seven or other easily dominated hands. Play more in position.

The quality of play down here is low. Players are playing way too many hands, especially for a capped game, so there's easy, easy money to be made. When people are playing incorrectly at a poker table, money is flowing away from them. Just sit at the table and give that money a new place to travel to.

I'm hoping the play is similar up in the next couple levels - I am going to move up to .25/.50, hopefully permanently.

I'm liking the cash game - if somebody sucks out on you, just click a button and reload, and you live to fight another day (and perhaps exact some revenge, even).

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