Tuesday, November 10, 2009

more adventures up high

270 hands of .25/.50 tonight - the table was tough again early on, but I played ok and eeked out a small profit. Then the table turned to limper heaven, and non-believers who would call your flop (or turn, or river) bet with bottom pair or friggin ace high, so I had to switch to "hit a hand and bet it hard" mode. Not easy when your cards dry up.

I need to learn how (and when, especially when) to isolate limpers. I tend to revert too much to my cards at these limpy tables. I stop stealing blinds because the 38/8 guy and the 55/16 guy have both limped in front of me. I need to get some experience in raising these yahoos up and taking their limps, and not waiting for AK to do it.

I did manage to get 2 outed and 5 outed and get stacked twice - these things happen of course, so my net for the night was negative. Wish I could have played at that table all night - lots of bad play in the second half.

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