Monday, November 2, 2009

Notetaking at the table

Some people were curious about the notes I take at the table. Here is a scanned page, along with some explanation

The first line is a chip count. I started at 120, am currently at 98.

The next block reads

QT straddle chop
TJK bet/call

This means I limped with QT during a straddle for $4. On a flop of ten-jack-king, I bet my bottom pair, open-ender and got called. On the turn, I check/called. On the river we both checked. The top line "chop" tells me the villain also had QT.

The next hand reads

A7 Btn straddle - donkey play
called 10-15
folded 50 on A3388
Quad 8s.

Translation- I limped for a $4 straddle on the button with A7 off.
I called $10 on the flop, and $15 on the turn,
Then I folded to a $50 river bet with the final board Ace-Three-Three-Eight-Eight.
The villain shows pocket eights, for quads.
The note "donkey play" refers to my own play - I realized at the table I played this poorly.

The last line reads "AQs UTG whiff".

This means I raised with AQs while under the gun, missed the flop entirely, and gave up on the hand.

Some of the notes are almost illegible later - I find my hands shaking to the point of hardly being able to write after a huge hand. More evidence that I need to work on controlling emotion at the table...

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Memphis MOJO said...

Good job taking notes.

Do players ever ask what you're doing, or comment? I used to take notes, but they would ask. I usually said I was taking notes to review later to work on my game, etc. I *never* mention a blog or web site.

I never really figured out what taking notes did to my image, and whether that was good or bad.