Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Review

Let's look a bit at my numbers for 2009:

Online SNGs: 433 tourneys played (very few in Nov/Dec as I've switched to the cash thing lately). $892 won, for an 11.27% ROI.

Online Cash: 15,921 hands (mostly 30 BB capped NL), $105 won, for a rate of 2.78 BB/100. If I remove my disastrous heads-up session with Mr. Pietzak last night, my BB/100 goes up to 3.24 BB/10 hands for the year. (yes, one bad run of 150 hands crushed my winrate). In all honesty, I'm using the 3.24 number to self-analyze - the headsup thing was just for fun with a friend, and I'm clearly not a headsup player. Remind me not to challenge Joe Cada to a game anytime soon.

Live Tourney: One big $800 score in the monthly neighborhood tourney, one 4th place finish in a live 20 man. I don't play tourneys live very often - we'll call this a success. I easily took in more than I spent.

Live Cash: I wish I kept better records for the weekly cash game (I suppose I could rip through all my blog posts here), I would probably guess I'm just about a break-even player, or slightly higher. I tend to play pretty nitty in the live game, with only occasional outbursts of LAGGY play (by occasional, I mean like once per 4 hour session).

Casino: $187 profit in late October in Wheeling WV. $483 profit in Mountaineer in February. Those were my only 2 trips this year. $670.

Add it all up, I'm hovering around 3 thousand bucks made in my hobby this year. Not quitting the day job anytime soon, for sure. But there aren't many hobbies that don't cost anything, and I've apparently found one of them. I have heard that anywhere for 7-10% of poker players can call themselves winning players, and by all accounts I am in that small percent, at least as a modest winner.

2010 Goals:

  • Move to the "standard" 6-max cash game (no more cap).
  • Visit Las Vegas (never been there, believe it or not).
  • Play for one month on PokerStars (see if the VPP system would yield any significant "rakeback equivalent" as my stakes/volume).
  • Get less nitty when playing live. Open it up. 3bet more, bluff-raise, don't be so worried about "getting stacked". Use that second/third buy-in in my pocket, if needed!
  • Take as much money as possible from my nemesis, Mr. Pietzak, and buy him a steak dinner with his own money. (haha).


bastinptc said...

The 22nd thru the 27th of March would be a perfect time for you to meet your 2nd 2010 goal. The PA Meet-Up...

Yes, your 2009 numbers look good. Congrats.

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice job for the year and thanks for an interesting blog. Best of luck in 2010.

diverjoules said...

You forgot to mention Play More Live Tourneys.. :-)
Hope to see you more often in 2010.