Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How my new HUD made me some money today

The screenshot shows my new popup Preflop HUD, which breaks down an opponent's tendencies from early, middle, and late positions, as well as from the blinds. Do you see anything odd about this opponent? He is raising more from early position than he is in late position! I have about 450 hands played with this particular villain, so there is something definitely fishy going on and not just a small sample size.

After noticing this fact in my HUD, I decided to watch his raising tendencies. Specifically, it appears that he likes to raise under the gun. Since it's not profitable to raise so frequently from this position, I came up with a theory that this particular villain feels that UTG raises get more respect than they should, so he should be able to steal more frequently from that position.

Sadly for him, he was sitting to my left tonight, meaning that I was the big blind while he was under the gun. I restole 3 preflop raises from him by reraising his UTG raises - he folded each time.

Looks like I'm onto this gentleman's little game.

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