Sunday, December 13, 2009

slowed down a bit

As promised, my pace slowed down this week due to some life stuff (kids holiday concerts), and just the need to take a little break.

This morning, I decided to work some more on my HUD. I had never really worked on the HUD popup (and I almost never use it), but I saw an interest popup in a video, so I replicated it. I also reworked some of the main HUD, and now have a bit of a different look at my players.

To try everything out, I played 500 hands of the .25/50 capped game, and left a modest winner. It was a strange table set that I played - the guys in my blinds were playing a ton of hands and defending over and over, so I cut down my stealing and went for more of a value game against them. I had my friend Mr Play Every hand at one table (he's down to playing only 84% of hands now), but I couldn't get in the right situation to take his money. I also didn't hit many big hands, so the fact that I was positive at all was a good thing.

I'll show off my new HUD in more detail in a future post.

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