Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some self-study

I played 340 hands today and then I could feel my luck turning. One mechanical mistake (3 betting the tightest player at a table with Q6o, whoopsie), and one failed bluff (busted straight draw, bet because he checked an ace on the turn, he checked b/c it gave him two pair. Whoopsie again).

So that was a quick $6 and about a third of my "profit" on the day (lol at these microstakes and .10/.25 blinds), so I just closed my three tables and quit for the afternoon.

Still a fine session in terms of BB/100 - over 8.0, and about 6.0 for the vacation this week.

One more thing on stake - my bankroll will allow me to play the .25/.50 game, but I'm somehow not too comfortable there. Maybe I've just had poor table selection, but it seems like a pretty decent jump in skill level. Just about every .10/.25 table features a couple "limp-with-almost-half-my-hands" droolers, I can work my way around and through these guys, but the .25/.50 game seems like 5 out of the 6 on each table are very aggro, and cbetting, and good.

I'll keep popping up on those tables, though - making $50/month playing poker at the micros isn't doing the roll much good.

I also did some self-study on holecards - it turns out that my two biggest losing hands are... wait for it... AQ and KJ! You probably could have guessed that. I was figuring that in this capped game, a "top pair and run" type game, these cards are playable in all positions at a 6-max table. It looks like, uh, no - they still fall into the category of "trouble hands".

So in today's session, I made an adjustment to my game. KJo, AQo, AJo - into the muck in the first two positions (unless there are some extra circumstances like a tight table or super tight players behind me that would have position on me after the flop). I might/might not play them suited. KQ is still a go, though- I think folding KQ on a six handed table is too nitty.

My rationalization for this is that I am playing way more hands in position now - raising up medium aces and random broadways (like the above) to limpers in front of me, so I should take other hands out of play in earlier positions to balance out. Taking the "trouble hands" out should add a few notches to my winrate.

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Forrest Gump said...

I made a similar adjustment with AQ/AJ and other easily dominated hands Matt. I almost never open from EP with them and rarely call raises either. That plugged a substantial leak.

I'm in a similar boat with 50NL. I actually found this level a little sparse and full of regulars. But 100NL seems a lot juicier and you have the huge benefit of getting very detailed info on the players via the 'table ratings' site. I'm buying in for $80 until I get comfortable.