Thursday, January 21, 2010

deep breath...

How do you limp and then call all-in, in a tournament, with pocket twos? Might there be a tiny-tiny-chance that, I don't know, you're behind???!?

Well, he was ahead - I had ace-king. Nice hand, sir.

My last all-in, with only 3 blinds, was also with ace-king. Seven-deuce called me that time, and won that one too.

Ace-King ain't looking so hot lately.

I've heard big slick called Anna Kournakova (note the initials) - they both look good, but never win.

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OhCaptain said...

Actually, 22 isn't all that hot against AK. If you were suited, you are statistically even. 22 isn't as strong as bigger pairs since you will win any time the board gets two pair if the ducks don't improve.

I usually don't play AK as strong as some, I'm more likely to just call from position with it. If it misses that flop completely, as long as I'm not overly committed, I'm not afraid to fold.

At least it runs better then AQ. Hand of the devil I tell ya.