Tuesday, January 26, 2010

no more turbos

More Rush poker fun - 409 hands in 63 minutes, for a cool 41.23 profit. 20 BB/100 works for me.

Had some time left in the evening but not too much, so I tried out an 18 man turbo. Bleah. 20 hands of nothing and I'm in the bottom 3. What a waste. I take my shot with Ace-rag and 6 blinds, but my position is too early. (there's no choice in turbo, the blinds will be even higher by the time they reach me). Comically, the action behind me goes reraise, call, reraise, call all in, call all in. I'm up against ace-queen, pocket sevens, and pocket tens, which gives me roughly a 9% chance of winning. Ha.


Forrest Gump said...

What's your strategy for the 'rush' tables Matt? I'm finding there's alot of dead money from people quick folding so I'm finding i grind out a buyin rather than wait for a big double up.

matt tag said...

not sure I want to leave my strategy out where everyone can read it, ha ha. PM me at mtagliaf -at- gmail.