Friday, February 5, 2010

Hard to fold the best hand you've had all night...

Thursday night cash game. We only had 5 confirmed RSVPs but ended up with a full table of 9.

My play was spotty tonight. Had a couple of guys at the table I didn't know very well, and both are very good, so I was kind of tiptoeing around them a bit. I opted for a couple river checks where I ended up with the best hand and probably missed some value.

I was basically even on the night except for one hand. King-five soooted in the small blind, I completed in a limped pot with flush aspirations. I hit my five on the flop and another on the turn, giving me trips and position in a three way pot.

The river betting sequence before me was open for $10, raise to $20, then to me. There was a straight out there and a paired board, in a limped pot. I cold-called the $20, and took third place between a made straight and a full house. Truly a poor call by me - I've gotta know my trips are no good there, but I made the call anyway. I could have also played more aggressively on the turn, and heavy fire from both parties would have probably given me enough clue to get away.

That was the only hand I feel I played poorly. I made some plays that didn't end up working out, but these aren't playing bad, just some aggressiveness at the wrong time. No monster hand for me to launch me into the positive - so I settled for a $13 loss on the night.

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Nomad said...

Stay disciplined and I'm sure you'll win the next one.

It's tough to win in the small blind even under the best of circumstances.

Could you have shoved on the turn in this spot or was there already a made straight out there?