Tuesday, February 16, 2010

instant switcheroo.

Nice session going, playing two tables of normal 6max .10/.25 instead of Rush. Up $40. Then a good player sits down two to my right and starts whacking me. Raises up every blind.

I three bet from the big blind with AK, then checkraise the flop, he calls down and wins with 89 that hit a pair. Later I three bet bluff, he four bets, have to fold. Then I three bet a third time with AK, he calls and stacks me with KQ that hits a straight. Just like that, profits gone. He decides to leave the table too (not sure why when he has an ATM like me in the blind).

I called it a night at 17 down, but I wanted to try out some video recording software to see how well it recorded my sessions, and I fired up a Rush session for 100 hands, and got cold decked for 12 more, so another $29 out on the night.

The good news is that I have decided to invest some money in some training. I have chosen the trainer and we have had an initial conversation. Hopefully he'll find some tweaks (or outright major problems) in my game and get me back on track.

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