Saturday, March 20, 2010

saturday night shot

tonight was the night I was to try the newly opened Gemini Players Club - a private club nearby that deals rake-free poker after a $25 entrance fee.

I got there at 7:45, and a nice woman at the door told me the club was temporarily shut down - at the request of the city. The city has received some neighborhood pressure and wants to make sure the club is legal. Gemini is confident that they will re-open after a meeting this week.

Didn't help me tonight, though. I went home and had all my hands get caught on the river for 3 hours, then called it a night, down a buy-in. My two biggest losses were 2 pair caught by a higher two pair (a 3 outer), and a flush caught by a full house (a 4 outer). The third worse was K9 against a shortstack donkey shover who had A9. His shove could have been any pair or any draw, so the all in call was easily warranted, just another cooler in the month of a thousand coolers.

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Dave G said...

I now know your pain Matt. I was doing really well this month playing rush with hardly any coolers or bad beats. Until this past Thursday, now I've had 3 nights in a row of nothing but bad beats and coolers. Hope this turns around quicker than yours has.