Sunday, April 11, 2010

a brief, very brief boost of confidence

Played last night and posted a win of about a full stack, and went to bed feeling good. That all went to hell today as I gained no traction and got battered around by the bad players getting lucky, and lost over twice what I gained - taking out my entire profit for the month and putting me into a nice hole.

The biggest loss of the day was very unfortunate - I watched a truly horrible player play 60% of his hands, then limp into my blind while I held pocket jacks. I raised him up, and he reraised. I have seen this play with small pairs like pocket fives - the logic being "eh, crappy pair, I'll limp like I always do", and then when they get raised "hey, I've got a pair! Don't mess with me!". I was willing to get it in with this guy and his range, and he was willing to call with ace-queen. I ended up flipping a horrible player and losing the flip, but I'm not sure I would play any different against this guy. This was early in the session, and I figured I would have more chances to win my money back, but not this day. He gave away two buyins on top pair to an overpair and a flush.

My second worst hand was hitting a set of fives on the river, which also put a four card straight on the board, but I couldn't see any way the villain called my cbet with a 3 in his hand. He had - Ace-three, gutshot + overcard. Bad play by him, bad play by me, I lose the 27 blinds though.

My absolute poorest starting hand of the month? Ace-King suited. -3.64 BB/hand. Talk about variance...

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