Friday, April 2, 2010

UB review

The 50NL players at UB are worse than the 25NL players on Full Tilt. That's the review. Bad players. Baaaad.

No luck for me tonight - tightened up and waited to bet for value against the fishies. No value to be had. Flopped 2 pair twice but got caught both times, once with a four flush, once with running kings to counterfeit me.

Got my pocket aces right about hand 230, pretty close to the 1 in 221 spot where you would start to expect them if you hadn't had them yet. 2 limpers before me, I raise it up.... they both fold. The first player's fold might have been the first preflop fold I had seen him make after already having money in the pot.


My small loss was mitigated by raking in $33 of the bad beat jackpot, which happened on another table, but at my buy-in level.

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