Sunday, May 9, 2010

cards don't always matter.

I was playing 2 tables tonight - one was the 72 prop bet table, where everyone puts up an extra big blind up into a side pot for a prop, and if a player wins with seven-deuce, he wins the side pot.

It took awhile before I got the 7-2 - I raised it up from under the gun, and a fishy 55/0 player called me from the blind. I hit my deuce and c-bet he called. Checked the turn behind, and then checked the river as an ace hit - he won the pot by hitting this ace. He had called the turn with a gutshot and nothing more. Gaaa!

2 hands later, this same player limped, called a raise, then raise/shoved on an AKx board with JQ. His opponent had AK and wasn't folding. He left the table after failing to hit his four outer and getting stacked.

I was a bit irritated still at the bad player when I got 72 again, and again under the gun. I raised it up 4x, and again a blind called. This guy had a 100% cbet percentage - and I also noticed he lead every flop no matter what came (a c-bet is defined in my HUD as betting the flop when you're the preflop raiser - this guy would bet the flop on a limp, or when he called a raise, too). This time he lead out on a 789-type board. I was tired of his donkbets into me, and dammit, I was an under the gun raiser - so I raised up his bet on pure principal. He folded, and I was ready to see the little 7-2 side pot graphic come up and notify everyone how I had just won the pot with the worst hand in poker. Strangely, the graphic didn't come up. Took me a second to register why it didn't come up.

This wasn't the seven-deuce table. That was the other table I was playing.


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