Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy session

Played a nice session where everything worked out and people folded to my cbets and steals and my hands were all better at showdown. No giant pots won - the biggest was 21BB when I called two shorty shoves with TT. They had 99 and KJs. The flop came 977 (ouch) and then a ten came on the turn. The guy with the nine bitched and moaned about it for an orbit before signing off. Hey buddy - the best hand won!

No big pots lost, either - I lost a 7 BB pot, but felt good about folding to a value bet, even having made a pair of aces on the river. This player had better than top pair.

Should have probably kept playing, but of course the one cooler comes and it all topples over and you go to bed aggravated, even though you played 100% perfectly. I like this feeling better.

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