Friday, May 7, 2010

negative 1 level thinking.

Last hand of the night. I'm the big blind. I've booked a $40 win so I won't be going too crazy.

Button limps. Small blind completes. I've got jack-queen-off. Worth popping up, perhaps, but nah. Let's see the flop and go to bed.

King-King-Ten, all different suits. Hmmm, possibilities. Straight with an ace or nine. The small blind checks, and I minbet $1 into a $3 pot. Try to pump it up a bit to make it worth winning. Both players call.

Turn is the seven of hearts, putting two hearts out there. Same bet, $1 into $6. Not my usual style, but these guys aren't tricky. They're not going to read me weak-ass bet and come steal the pot. Now let's hit that river card....

Foiled. A brick. Three of clubs. Junk-ola. The small blind checks to me. I have brief visions of hammering down a $12 bet, but the button with call with anything - literally ANYTHING - so no use in doing that. I check. Button checks, and we see a showdown.

Both guys show pocket hearts - they picked up the heart draw on the turn. Jack-Eight for one, Three-Five for the other. Jack-Eight also had a gutshot by the turn. My queen high actually wins the hand - hurray for me.

But wait - how did we get to showdown with those crappy cards, and me betting the first two streets? What did these two guys have on the flop? Five-Three sooooted is looking at a K-K-T board with only one of his suit, and he calls a bet. What's he hoping to hit? What's he thinking he's up against? Same with Jack-Eight - what's he gonna hit on a K-K-T board? He needs runner-runner for anything.

I should keep the mouth shut of course, but I fail to do so. I just gotta know. I point over at the five-three on the table as I stack the last chips of the night. "What are you calling a bet on the flop with 5-3 for on that board?" I say it friendly-like, in the spirit of the game. Not insulting.

He laughs. "It was a friendly bet. One dollar. Not scary. So I called it".

So there you have it. He wasn't thinking about what he could be up against, he wasn't even thinking about what type of hand he was hoping to make. He saw a small, affordable bet, so he called it.


AW said...

That's a pretty weird hand, but you really do see this type of player. Friendly guys just looking to make some bets and have fun.

You didn't do it here, but I hate to see players berating them after they runner runner straight or trips vs. them. You see people do it all the time, and all it accomplishes is souring that players' experience and either stopping or taking their play elsewhere.

matt tag said...

I actually kicked a guy out of my game for berating a bad player. I agree with you in full. Don't tap on the glass!