Tuesday, July 20, 2010

just another normal night.

Hand #4 of my session, the table folds around to my small blind. I raise up the big with AQo. He 3 bets me. This is a fold in normal situations, but the Rush poker game is very advanced for its limits - tons of preflop 3bet/4bet going on. I decide to call.

The board comes ace high and not coordinated. I checkraise him all in. He calls with ace-king.

Coolered to start the night. My only solace at the time is that my opponent was playing half a stack. My second solace, a few seconds later, was hitting a queen on the river.

I wasn't even happy. I was still irritated about a blind vs. blind AQ-vs.-AK-ace-on-the-flop cooler. But maybe my luck from the evil night before was turning around.

Exactly 2 hands later, in hand #6: I call from the button with pocket 4s and flop quads on a 44A flop. The turn and river come KT, and I stack a guy with queen-jack who hit runner-runner straight. That's two people swearing in their blogs while I'm up a buy-in.

Those are the only grand hands of the night. I can't find a fold with AT on an AA4 board and pay off half a stack with a bad kicker, and I race ace-king with jacks and lose for my only larger losses on the night. I end up +15 big blinds in 773 hands. Nothing to write home about, but better than losing 5 buy-ins.

Suckouts, quads - just another normal night.

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