Saturday, July 17, 2010

LeBron fallout

Found this quote in a Deadspin comments thread yesterday. I hope this person is paid to be a sportswriter - he/she nailed it, and did so in an eloquent fashion. Kudos, "OchentaYcinco":

LeBron is afraid to fail more than he's motivated to be great. He's got more talent for playing basketball than anyone on the planet, yet he's more than happy to subjugate his chance to be uniquely great to defer to his fantastically talented but still less talented new teammates, so that he can get a ring and feel like he's maximized his ability. Fuck that. Guys win rings every year, they're not all LeBron James.

There's a reason Kobe's 4th ring was the most important one for him. It's because it forever voided the argument that he couldn't be singularly great. Kobe wanted to be one of the greatest ever, and whether he is or he isn't, he was willing to go through hell to get into the conversation. LeBron has more than enough ability to be that guy. But he either doesn't care, or he doesn't believe he can. So now he can be Scottie Pippen, but he'll never be Jordan. And it will be for lack of trying

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