Friday, July 23, 2010

Often-asked question has different answers sometimes

My last day of vacation, errands have been run, family has been attended to, my afternoon is free. Sounds like poker time!

I'm about 60% mentally invested into it, though. No reason why, just not feeling it at the moment. But I fire up a Rush table anyway.

129 hands later (only 20 minutes in the Rush world), I'm up 180 big blinds. Top set of aces dodges the all-in flush draw. TT gets 2/3 of a stack on a JKQA board against two pair (bad shove, buddy). A couple other smaller pots as well. Pocket aces 3 times in 129 hands, all of them winners.

Then comes the question into my mind "why play on?". I'm up 2 buy ins, I'm not that into playing right now, and a few other things sound like they might be better (like a glorious, rare afternoon nap perhaps).

Why, indeed.

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