Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good vibes are short lived

Energized from my training session and my newfound knowledge, I was excited to get back to the tables. I was very tired and wasn't going to play long, but I wanted to get a few hands in.

39 hands later I was down 126 big blinds on a hilarious run of dumbass hands. JJ downed by K7, AQ downed by A6, QQ downed by A4 (rivered), 99 downed by Q8s. Three of these four were people calling my raises, the fourth (the Jacks) was me calling someone else raise.

Come the fu*k on. There's less than a one percent chance of being in all four of those hands and losing them all.

So I came here to write and moan about it. The math was staggering to think about. Very hard for someone to get that unlucky in 38 hands.

So unlucky, in fact, that I banked on it not happening again. I signed back on.

I played 130 more hands, and this time the hands held up. The donkeys were still calling, but I chopped away at the losses. I even won a race -top pair for him (top pair NINE, lol), vs. my flush draw, gutshot (straight flush) draw + 2 overcards. 58-42 for me, and I hit! Dude only had 30 big blinds in his stack, but I'll take it.

I didn't win quite enough to cover the losses from the 38 hand debacle, but I wiped out most of it.

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