Friday, August 20, 2010

I am Phil Fu**ing Ivey

I must be. I lost a buy-in tonight, but it should have really been so much more. Aces win 4 small pots and get runner-runnered out of one big one. Kings got cracked 1 out of 3. Queens were a loser. (Jacks, believe it or not, somehow were a winner on the night). AQ lost a small pot, outkicked by AK (shoulda been bigger, maybe I'm Phil Hullmuth instead of Ivey and "dodging bullets, baby).

Oh, and my set of sixes didn't hold up, either. Gutshot on the river straighted out on me. That was a killer. Actually, that hand can account for almost the total loss on the night. So take that hand away, despite all my big hands not holding up, I'm break even on the night. Pretty amazing.

My biggest hand of the night, a flopped full house, I got to LOSE money on, because AT on an ATT board looks great until another ace comes and you chop with Ace-eight. So you get all in of course and then pay Full Tilt a buck in rake.

Like I said, Phil Fu**ing Ivey.

The types of hands I was getting were interesting too. AK 9 times (suited or unsuited), but KQ 21 times (too strong to fold, but more easily dominated). KJ 18 times (garbage hand, keep it away). Kings 3 times, but Jacks eight. Random distribution, weighted closer to trouble hands that are tough to play. Yet still, only one buy-in lost, most of it on a flopped set.

I am awesome.

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