Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No luck yet

Still not winning. Didn't win a single hand of my first 10 today. The HUD was full of shit. Guys playing 8/3 and folding 92% of their blinds were threebetting me. Guys playing 85/10 were checkraising me on a single broadway board. I never had a thing.

Went down $4. I stopped playing "correctly" and just played to take down pots. Got AA and two called. flop came 783, two hearts. Blind donked into me, third player called. I just shoved my whole stack in. Every card is a scare card of some sort these days. I got 2 folds and it emboldened me. Found a guy punishing a limper with 39/30 stats. I had pocket tens and decided big enough against the half stack maniac. I bet over half his pot and I got a fold.

Then another disaster. Button raiser and a small blind flat caller. I made it 15x the blind with AKo. The small blind calls. The flop is all diamonds, ten high - I have the ace of diamonds. Small blind bets like 1/6 of the pot. He's scared. I shove. Not much he can call with there. He thinks quite awhile, then makes the call. Pocket queens. Stronger than I thought, but plenty of outs. Actually, I'm a 52% favorite to win the hand, and I obviously had fold equity, so a great play. But I don't improve and I lose the pot. Stacked again.

I decide push on, but soon 4bet shove over a threebettor with a third of a stack. I have pocket nines and don't give a shit about a third of a stack. I lose again to kings. I can't decide if the play is fine or not or if I'm tilted.

-779 BB under expectation for my month's all-ins. 8 buy-ins, just on all-ins! That's almost the exact amount I'm down for the month, by the way. Normal luck puts me at break even.

Part 2 coming, going to switch games for a bit...

Part 2

Switched to my capped cash game. 30 big blind cap in every hand simplifies play. The purists don't call it "real" poker. Whatever. Rush has been BAD to me right now. I needed a change.

Had a LAGGY dude to my left, I raised his blind with AK, he shoved. AK is an automatic all in for this game, especially vs. a LAG. He's got pocket 4s, and I lose another race.

That's the only bad hand though. I actually get lucky and flop a full house with 66 and a 667 board. I also catch pocket queens who can't/shouldn't fold. It puts me up 28 big blinds on the table. I feel like playing some more, but one of the players times out and the 90 second countdown starts. It feels like forever, and I take it as a sign to get the hell out with a tiny profit.

Still down a buyin and a half on another unlucky day. I review my hands, nothing awful. I pushed the action with my semibluff flush+overs draw as a favorite, that didn't work out. It stacked me, but I can't argue with the play. I overplayed the nines for a third of a stack. No biggie, maybe a bit of tilt.

I keep working- I really think I'm running into a bad run of luck. Will keep fighting thru it.

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Forrest Gump said...

A suggestion for when you hit these bad stretches. I play less tables, tighten up ALOT preflop and tighten up even more OOP. Once I've turned things around, i start opening everything up again. It's kinda like dropping your sail in a storm...