Saturday, August 28, 2010

Range Finding

Live game, $1/$1 blinds. Give me ranges for both my holding and villain's.

UTG+1 (hero) playing about 12/5.
MP (villain) playing about 40/15
Table is loose and fishy.

Hero raises to $3, MP calls, CO calls, BTN calls.

Pot $14.
Flop Ks 5h Qd rainbow.
Hero bets $5, MP calls $5, fold, fold.

Pot $24.
Turn 8d.
Hero bets $11, MP raises to $34 (all in), Hero calls.


MorningThunder said...

Ok here goes.

Hero: KK QQ or AA . Probably a set based on your betting.

Villain: 55,88, JdTd, K8, KQ, or KK QQ.

Feels like a big draw or two pair.

KK vs JdTd?

MorningThunder said...

What was it?