Tuesday, August 3, 2010

scary early, monsters late

I helped out the wife as she threw a jewelry party tonight so poker wasn't an option early. I considered taking the night off altogether, but then the party ended and I had 90 minutes free before bed. Just enough time for 423 hands of Rush poker.

Boy did I regret my decision early. I simply never, ever had the better hand, and my money went away, over and over. 2 buy-ins gone in 200 hands. Around hand 280, though, I started to hit some flops. 2 pair from the blinds. Quad fives (won a tiny pot, though). I kept my head and kept playing well.

Hand 343 was the payback hand. Called a raise with 88 and saw an 8QQ flop. I needed someone to have ace-queen, and they did, and I won their stack. A few more small pots, and then one more boat late (again paid off by trips), put me in the green for the night. SportsCenter started at 11pm and I ended my session, back from disaster.

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