Wednesday, September 22, 2010

an even 100

100 hands on the nose tonight. One table, focusing hard on reads/ranges. I played fine. 8 hands lost, 12 won. Went up a couple bucks and then back down, ended the night up 1 BB. I read somewhere that when things are going poorly, focusing on breaking even can introduce subtle, positive elements to your game.

Tonight I felt it slipping away, whether it's "luck" or "karma" or whatever - I knew it was time to quit. I punished a limper with some connector and he called, as well as another loose player. I was out of position on both. I cbet a KKQ board and was met with a raise and a call. They both had kings (K8s and K6s to be exact), and ended up chopping up my money. I tried one more preflop raise, got 3bet, and saw my blind was one hand away. Time to fold and call it a night. My hand against the two king-rags was the biggest pot I saw in the 100 hands - a loss of 13 blinds. No big wins or losses. Not much to discuss. So why I am writing about it? Goodnight.

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Poker J said...

Nice Job. There are many times when I told my self early in a session that I am not feeling it. My raises were getting 3 bet and my 4 bet are getting shoved. Nothing was working and I should just quit. Of course I did not quit and 5 or 6 buyins lost later I quit.

I would not focus so much on the granular details like number of hands won and number of hands lost. You should focus on the long term. What if you lost 20 hands for 1 dollar each but won 5 hands for for 10 dollars. Whould you be upset?

Also, I think value iso is better at the micros than trying to steal iso. If you are going to steal iso the limpers, do it in late position as possible.

You might want to read Leather Ass's book about "Treat your poker like a business" He does not even look at the cashier but once a month.