Wednesday, October 13, 2010

good thing I have the blog to rant on..

more losing tonight - having AK vs. players who play 50-60% of their hands should occasionally result in a better hand at showdown, tonight I was up against pocket aces and a flopped set the two times I was against them, losing 60 and 70 blinds in the process. Vs. donks like this you're supposed to hit top pair and bet/bet/bet, happy to get all in vs. their three-quarter stacks - so don't tell me I'm making mistakes. I played both hands correctly vs their ranges and lost.

Meanwhile I see the same players calling pot sized river bets with fourth pair, or getting 100 big blinds in on the flop with queen-ten "top pair" on a nine-ten-four flop.

There's money to be made in the micros, I'm better than these morons (maybe not great but better than these guys). You couldn't tell by looking at my results, though.

I'm not even that motivated to work on my game at the moment (which is scary, I know). I just checked my database since I moved to non-Rush, full ring. Small sample size of 4134 hands. Guess what hand is losing the most money? AKs. Third from the bottom is AQs. Also featured towards the bottom are AKo and AQo. It's variance - bullshit, long running variance.

The same idiot who flopped a set against me tonight would have paid off three streets of value with ace-seven, ace-three, or any other frickkin ace. He would have missed the flop entirely three quarters of the time with his range. He would probably pay a bet or two with second pair, third pair, gutshots, runner-runner draws, and Lord knows what else. Against me and my nitty 10/8 stats - he flops a set.

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The Poker Meister said...

What is your AIEV with AK or AQ? I obviously don't know how you play those hands each time, but perhaps you overplay them and have trouble laying down TPTK? Results like that would be typical of that kinda of play, I'd imagine.