Friday, October 1, 2010

I am not a nit. I am a free man!

You wouldn't have known it tonight, though. I was playing a few seats to the left of a 60/27 and was lying in wait. His bet size told you the strength of his hand - 2x or 3x was strong, up to 12x was the rest. He also showed the propensity to get his stack in with top pair - any top pair.

I was waiting (along with the rest of the table, probably) to call one of his 12x with AK or AQ and stack him. The one time I had KQs - he had raised 3x, so I played it a bit on the careful side (I was out of position, also), and he won a small showdown with an unimproved AK. Bleah.

He left the table after 125 hands or so and I got to wake up. The rest of the table's stats were nitty like mine (maybe all waiting for the maniac to make a mistake), but I came out swinging and won some blinds and small pots.

A nice 44 big blind win the start the month.

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