Thursday, October 21, 2010

tourney practice

for reasons I don't even understand, I fired up a Full Tilt matrix tournament tonight. I was quickly reminded why I hate tourneys - making easily correct pushes on a three handed table with KQ and having the big blind wake up with AQ - ridiculous.

I played ok. 3rd place in two of the four - bubbled in overall points. A slight money loser. What was amazing was how slow the action felt on four simltaneous tables - NO problem keeping up. None.

I was going to work on the table, but either I'm a complete weakling (likely), or the plywood part of the railing is a much harder wood than the birch section, because the staples were not going far enough into the wood. I decided to leave it instead of force it - I'm in no hurry.

Tomorrow night is the monthly live tourney, with a $5 bounty added in for fun.

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