Friday, November 12, 2010

A little town I know in Nebraska...

Omaha night in the cash game! Actually, half Omaha night, with the other half our usual Texas Holdem game.

I'm no Omaha master, but I've read Hwang's two books and have some idea about what makes for a good starting hand and what doesn't. This information alone puts me ahead of most "Holdem trying Omaha" players, who love all the shiny cards in their hands and just need to see a flop.

I played pretty well, overall. My biggest hand of the night was a speculative hand Ah2h6cTs, which I got to play for free the blinds. I hit the nut flush on the turn, bet $20 into a $22 pot, and had someone reraise all in over me. After triple checking that I indeed had the nut flush, and there was no paired board or straight flush out there, I made the call, figuring I was about to face top set and dodge a bunch of full house outs, but villain had the king high flush and no redraw. Ouch for him, giant pot for me.

I think that's in Chapter 1 of Hwang's first book - don't overplay non-nut draws when they come in.

+105 big blinds on the night.

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