Monday, December 27, 2010

Good session, Horrible session

And it doesn't even out, either. Up a buy-in, down two.

You can't help but think that the deck is purposefully stacked against you when you get crushed over and over and over. Check out this session.

  • AK vs. AQ, 3bet pot, Ace on the flop, all in, queen on the river. (92 BB lost)
  • Flopped straight vs flush. (85 bb lost)
  • River a full house, villain has quads. (84 bb lost)
  • set over set (16 bb lost)
  • JJ vs. AA (15 bb lost)
  • QQ cracked by J9o, runner-runner 9 high flush takes it. (16 bb lost)

These all happened in the span of 315 hands. Three hundred fifteen fucking hands!!!

"You will run worse than you can possibly imagine".

1 comment:

J. T. said...

That should mean your run good is coming quicker now...