Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A plus day

A minor day on the plus side. First session good, second session even but frustrating. Wave after wave of bad players at my tables and me holding crap cards over and over. One hand gets me a buyin, easy.

I watched a guy call a big river bet with A6 on a board that had and ace and four clubs. He had no club, and his kicker was crap. The best part was that it was the best hand! The other donkey, a button-clicking 60%-er, didn't have a clue postflop - he just figured if he bet something at every opportunity that it would work out ok in the end.

On a positive front, my 3bet percentage was higher. I am identifying better situations and taking down pots preflop. On a bad note, my total amount won after three betting was negavie. I raced AK with TT and lost half a stack (this player turned out to be a complete donk, but I didn't know it at the time. I guess if I had known, I would have called the all in even faster with AK). We'll keep working on it.

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