Saturday, January 15, 2011

all things considered, not bad

I lost 10 big blinds on the day. This is pretty good considering I gave 3 buy-ins to one player - an amazing 57/3 luckbox who ended up with the best hand at the river time and again. AQ lost to his QJ. AQ lost again to his A7. And finally, AA lost to T5s. I love the way I played the AA - I raised preflop to 12 big blinds over 3 limpers, and only Mr. lucky called. I was all in by the turn, but his ten-five by then had turned into a double gutshot and a flush draw, amazingly. Still a 2-1 dog but enough outs to catch me that time.

Most proudly, I didn't let the guy get to me. I stayed at the table and kept looking for my opportunity. I won a medium pot from him late in the evening - it was only 10% of what he had taken off me, but it was late and it gave me the last laugh.

Just a break-even session, but I like the way I played tonight.

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