Friday, January 7, 2011

Holding Steady

My online poker night started out badly - one of those trainwreck, high-variance hands you can see coming at you the second the flop hits. Tight, early position raiser, I call with 88 trying to flop a set. And I do flop my set... on a board of 8 of diamonds, jack of diamonds, queen of diamonds. Any big pair with a diamond is coming along. There's a small chance I'm already behind (AdKd or a bigger set), but I don't think you're supposed to fold, even on a board as bad as this. We get it all in by the turn, but by this time his pocket tens had hit a gutshot with a flush redraw. I have a redraw too, but I'm a 3:1 dog when the money goes in, so I'm not sure if I played this badly or not. In any event, I get stacked early.

I'm a hair irritated but not tilted. Just a normal crazy poker hand (wish I could have run the river twice, that might have helped). I kept grinding away, but the tables seemed extra tough tonight. I kept opening tables and then closing them after an orbit or two when there were no fish to be found.

So I switched to Rush. This did the trick for me on this night - the 25NL Rush tables (which I haven't really played before) seemed extra nitty, so I opened up and started stealing from the button, cutoff, and even hijack position when the villains looked like they would yield their blinds. I also hit a hand or two, and was able to crawl out of my buy-in hole for another positive night.


J. T. said...

All I can say is Rush Kills... stay away

Forrest Gump said...

Nah, the only real problem with Rush is that it's full of grinders. If you can avoid them though, there's still plenty of bad players stacking off with top top.