Monday, January 10, 2011

A losing player

3 buy-ins lost tonight. Aces cracked by queens. Top set vs. flopped straight. (both within 2 minutes of each other on my two tables). A cooler and a suckout, they happen.

Lost a race with AK for another buy-in (bizarre hand, I overplayed it to be sure, but I called all-in by .... 44?).

My good month is history now - down a buy-in. 5 buyins under EV. 5 buy-ins down in the past 3 days. 4 buy-ins lost on AK alone (I'm still botching my play with AK, but I'm afraid if I play it more aggressively, I'll drain my whole bankroll right now). And my total play since I moved up is negative, also.

I'm a losing player in my first 10000 hands of 25NL. Bad luck, bad play, it's all here.

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