Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 in a row? Shocking. Tales from the tables.

Felt tilty early after playing an ace-king hand perfectly, isolating a dumbass 63% VIPer with KJ, and losing to a jack on the river. It happens, right?

I thought I was down a buyin after that hand, so I fought hard to win it back. I found great tables and parked there. Aggro guys on my right? Cool, 3 bet them to death if they fold, wait for a hand if they call too much.

My notes are starting to pay dividends - I found one 33/22 type that didn't fold to 3bets. My notes say he defended with QT type stuff. So when I got pocket kings against him, I made my three bet a smidge higher - ok, a LOT higher, 4 times his opening raise. He called, then check/folded the flop, and I was that much richer.

One funny hand - I see 55 in the 3rd position. The two guys before me have limped already - one is a 63/0 guy - the other just got to the table. I go for the rare overlimp - figuring there are enough aggro guys who might 3bet my iso raise, but if I limp and they iso raise themselves, the fish will call and give me odds. Then I focus my attention to another table.

When I heard the Boo-Doop! full tilt noise, I focus back on my pocket fives. Flop is Jack-Three-FIVE!, and there has been a pot sized bet and a minraise in front of me! Oh sweet happy day. I reraise, get called, shove the turn, and stack KJ. It's his 5th hand of the table, he leaves before seeing a sixth.

Meanwhile, at another table, one guy has been buying in for the minimum, has taken a standard bad beat. This has put him on monkey tilt - he's now buying in for the minimum 35 big blinds and shoving preflop on basically any face card. He's also shoving lots of flops. I raise with JJ, board comes 556, he open shoves. Uh, ok, I call - he shows jack-three. Pretty good equity there for me. I get aces soon after. I make it 5BB to go after a limper, someone cold calls behind me, then shovey-shoverson re-shoves. Right. I re-re-shove to clear out the cold caller, and I'm up against queen-ten offsuit. By the turn he's drawing dead.

The best news of all - I check my session stats at the end of the night. The AK vs. KJ suckout from the beginning of the night was only for half a stack loss, not a full one. This gives me another 150 night, for a nice surprise. (not checking my session stats until after I'm done playing anymore).

See? I can play this game when you put meatheads at my table - meatheads who don't suck out.

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