Saturday, February 12, 2011

The most unlucky man in the world

I'm starting to think that. Maybe Dos Equis will make a beer commercial about me.

HUD stats do me no good. When a player steals my blind 5 times in a row, and I finally defend my big in position with QTs, and hit my ten, he has pocket jacks. When I play KQs in position to someone with a wide range who won't fold to a 3bet, he has pocket kings. When I flat a guy with AQ, the board comes all low, and he cbets, like his stats say he'll do 90% of the time, he doesn't fold to my raise, he reraises. When I squeeze with AK, BOTH players call, and I whiff the flop. 2 pair in the blinds vs. 2 enormous whales? The other blind flopped a straight.

This is all TODAY.

The calling stations flop trips, by boats get counterfeited by quads on the board. 2 outers, 3 outers, 5 outers, this is all routine shit these days.

Stay lucky, my friends.

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