Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Extreme Stats

Photobucket Not sure if you can read this guy's HUD, but I'll help you through it. I've got 547 hands on him. The third line tells me how the player deals with attempts to steal his blinds. The first number is the percentage of folds, the second his percentage of flatting, and the third the number of times he three bets. They add up to 100.

This guy folds his blinds to steals 97% of the time, and flats the other 3%.

I was quite happy to have this player on my left tonight.

I actually ended up with a slight losing session tonight (16 BB lost), but I was originally down nearly 175 big blinds. Someone flopped a set with 44 in a 3bet pot, I had AK on a dry board and went broke. Not problem there. Then I flopped a set against aces and he two-outed me. No problem there, either. Variance, it happens, that's poker, yadda yadda. But I came back.

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