Friday, April 22, 2011

Live Game, post Black Friday

I managed to keep myself busy all week with no poker around, but Thursday finally came and my home game gave me the chance to try and remember if a flush beats a straight or vice-versa.

First hand of the night, only 4 players at the table, I raise up pocket tens and get two callers. Board is King-jack-Rag - there's a bet and a call, and I fold my underpair with the greatest of ease.

It was good to be back.

One monster to report - I minraised Ace-Five, both diamonds, figuring on a ton of callers, but got only 1. I couldn't hope for a much better flop - two of diamonds, three of clubs, 4 of diamonds - a flopped straight with a flush redraw and a straight flush wheel possibility. I also couldn't hope for much better action, my opponent donked into me, I raised, and he shoved. Uh, ok. Five-six? Nope, three-four for two pair. Neither one improved and I raked a big one early.

My opponent was apoplectic - what the hell was a I raising a hand like ace-five for? (mind you, he would definitely play the hand, but he would limp). How could he ever put me on a flopped straight? How is there any way he's beat there playing three-four (offsuit, natch) and flopping two pair? This hand sent him into a spiral of second-best losses all night and he was the first one to make the walk of shame up my steps.

As for the rest of the night, I played ok. I was too passive preflop - content to join the limp-a-pa-looza a bit too often. When I did wake up and get aggressive, I won some pots to make up for the poor whiff-and-miss limping.

We broke into some Omaha in the last hour and I managed to not go broke there. I ended up +38 big blinds, a fine night considering I had played no poker in seven days.

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