Friday, June 24, 2011

Monthly tourney report...

This tourney doesn't like me much. On my first and only blind steal attempt of the night, I was three bet by the player on my left. It was the only three bet the table saw all evening. I made the easy fold with a raggy king, my gracious opponent showed his hand - pocket jacks.

Pocket Kings were cracked a bit later by Ten-Eight offsuit. I was actually lucky in this hand because an ace hit the flop - without that ace, I was all in and done to two pair.

I did manage one double up and stole blinds once or twice with all in moves, but my last hand was a shove from the small blind with king-nine. The big blind called instantly - pocket jacks again. Out in 14th.

When your big hands get cracked and people have hands when you make your moves, you're not winning a fast tourney.

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