Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Handreading success

In our live tourney last night, a competent player sits down late (still first orbit), and raises the first hand to 300 (big blind 50). We get to showdown, he tables 88, which is good.

Next hand, he raises to 300 again, gets to showdown again, and tables 88 again. It's good.

Very next hand, table is joking and telling him to take a break, but he looks at his cards and raises, one more time to 300. He gets a call. Board is queen high, uncoordinated. He bets out and is check/raised. He calls rather quickly.

Turn is a king. He continues to bet, close to pot. He is check/called.

River brings a third club, and also pairs the board. Now his opponent leads out, and he raises. The raise is called. As they're turning their hands over - I point at him and say to no one in particular - "he's got kings full". And that's what he shows. His opponent had top pair and rivered a flush, and is now crippled.

The woman next to me says "how did you know that"? I start to explain, but realize that much of the process of handreading is internalized and comes with hundreds of hands of experience.

Guess I'm getting there.

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