Wednesday, February 15, 2012

bad habits

A meh session of holdem tonight, down 60BB. Checking my stats shows a real problem, though, a very fishy 22/14 for the session. Gotta tighten that VPIP up. My first guess is that I'm flatting in late position trying to hit some hands, which is ok some of the time, but I'm probably taking it to an extreme.

Comes with being out of practice, I guess. I will study, identify, and plug.

Edit: Very last hand of the night, have already turned off my auto-blind, AA under the gun. A fishy player 3bets: I saw him 3bet the hand before and then fold on a king high board. Chance for tilt is high. I 4bet. He thinks and flats.

Board is 67T, two hearts. No backdoor draws for me. I'm going with the hand - 4.45 in the pot, 7.60 effective stack. SPR 1.7. No folding aces now. If he spiked on me (or draws out), I have still played the hand correctly.

I bet 3.33, hoping to look bluffy, fishy, somehow wrong. He shoves and I'm up against pocket fours and apparent spazzo monkey tilt. He doesn't improve. My 60BB loss for the night flips to a win.

Still not happy with my stats, though.

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Memphis MOJO said...

It's amazing how they can talk themselves into believing that you must be bluffing.