Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good to be back

Let the Omaha alone today and went back to 6max Holdem, 10NL. I played well but lost a buy-in on 3 coolers and 1 suckout. Should have been worse.

It was nice having my HUD again, and targeting players. I had a great sequence of squeezing with QJs and winning a big pot, and then 4 betting someone light (KTs) on my left just as soon as I felt he was playing back at my 45% steals. He folded.

My nemesis all night was a 51%er on my left, who 3bet almost 20% of the time. He cracked me 2 or three times, but I finally got my revenge with kings against his nines, which stayed an overpair to the flop. I check-shoved on him and he couldn't find a fold. (and this was the few times my hand held up).

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