Friday, April 27, 2012

Brief Tourney Report: 4/27

A 6th place finish for me tonight. They paid 4, so not quite the money for me.

I played well. I got kings cracked early and sat between 10-15 blinds for the pretty much the whole tourney. Fortunately, 900 sit-n-goes on Full Tilt in 2008-2009 helped me hone my shortstack skills, and I am a downright pain in the ass to the casual players who are still trying to limp and see cheap flops.

I was ahead with an ace when the money went in on my bustout hand, but got caught on the turn with a gutshot straight. My shove was correct, as was his call. I ran out of time.

One other note - I'm picking up more and more from other players at the table. The guy on my left liked to look at his cards early, and twice I picked up on something that prevented me from shoving into him as he held a hand he would have called with. I also folded ace-jack to a minraise from a player who had been foldin for a long time - a hand I would overshove with in many cases. But I picked up on something and avoided danger.


Memphis MOJO said...

Sounds like you played great and that's all you can do.

Ron247 said...

Sounds frustrating, but after playing a ton of online sngs your edge over the average live tourney donk will be huge. It's just a shame it takes such a long time to fully realise that edge in the live environment.